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"We have worked with the principals of Wieck Construction for several years. When they started their own company, the Bank
continued to use their skills."

— Wayne Long, State Operations Manager
First Union Bank, Nashville, Tennessee

Profile & Values

Wieck Construction, L.L.C. is a full service general contractor/construction manager based in Nashville. The primary focus of the firm is to provide high-level construction services to a select group of clients.

The company was formed with the idea of combining experienced, knowledgeable construction people in a flexible, financially strong company. We felt that with the right people and by judiciously controlling our corporate overhead, we would be able to cover a wide range of projects for our clients. We needed to be small enough to cost effectively perform small projects. We also needed to be experienced and financially strong enough to respond to the large projects. This approach allows us to expand and contract, as the projects require, not as the size of the company dictates.

Wieck Construction maintains a close relationship with our bonding and insurance company. Insurance coverage is provided at a level that provides a comfort level to an owner, even on the largest or most complicated project. Our bonding company is fully informed and allied with the company. They are supportive of all of the work and the clients with whom we work. The bonding company has approved the company for bonding on single projects up to $15 million.

Wieck Construction prides itself in the relationships that it maintains with the subcontractor community. In this world of construction management, it is the subcontractor that performs the work. We work hard to make the subcontractor want to work with us. This translates into better pricing for the owner, tighter management of projects and ensures the quality that everyone demands.

Lastly, the ownership of Wieck Construction will ensure that all resources of the company will be fully available to meet project commitments and expectations, and will be directly involved in your project from preconstruction to final delivery.

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